Hanzi Graphy: 

Typographic translation between Latin letters and Chinese character

Project Director, Author, Graphic Design
Dr. Mariko Takagi
Research Assistant, Artwork Production
Lai Ping So

Exhibition in April 2013
Book Published in 2014
From 2011 to 2013, Lai Ping So (Somely) worked as Dr. Mariko Takagi's Research Assistant, to assist her typography research project Hanzi Graphy. So's main task was to evaluate Chinese-language references relevant to the research subject and to discuss with Dr. Takagi verbally and graphically.

They worked together on different presentations formats of the research outcomes, such as for various conferences (e.g. ATypI 2012 in Hong Kong, ATypI 2013 in Amsterdam), two exhibitions in Hong Kong, as well as the Book publication Hanzi Graphy: A typographic translation between Latin letters and Chinese characters, published in 2014 by MCCM creations, Hong Kong.

In the Hanzi-Graphy exhibition, So dealt with most of the production procedures with numerous techniques and materials, such as wooden characters engraving, relief printing and laser-cutting.