Reduction of Reality
Reduktion der Wirklichkeit

Juergen Staack
Art Direction, Layout and Typography
Lai Ping So

155 × 228 mm, 44 pages
German and English
Published in October 2017

Reduction of Reality (DE: Reduktion der Wirklichkeit) is an exhibition of a German artist Juergen Staack, which was held at Oldenburger Kunstverein in 2016. It presents three of Staack's works, SHADOWS (2016), WEI (2016) and Tableaux (2014), in which one can see connections with photography or its literal meaning ‘written with light’.
    The publication includes photographs of the exhibition and two articles written by Gertrude Wagenfeld Pleister (Chairman of the Oldenburger Kunstverein) and Peter Friese (Director of the Museum Weserburg Bremen) in German and English translation.
    The concept of the book cover is derived from the work WEI. As a graphical interpretation of the work, it intends to establish a relation interacting between geometric forms and colours – the ‘wrongly’ positioned white rectangle on a grey background, to echo with the notion of ‘Reduction of Reality’. As such, the inclined typography follows the idea to formulate a sense of illusion.