Vanishing No. 002

Artist Book
594×840 / 99×120 mm
Digital Print

Vanishing is a series of images and artists' books that address the idea of "Burn After Reading." The works extend the process of consumption when a thing has been destroyed ("burned"). The brief but destructive changes it has been subjected to have been extended to pages, frames, and books. Thus, the structure of a book becomes a tool to indicate "time", like an infinite loop or a large paper divided into pages and then into a book.
    This work has its origins in the troubled history of the draconian book censorship of the Chinese National Party that prevailed in mainland China before the 1940s and in Taiwan after 1950.
    Vanishing No. 002 is a response to a small part of that history, in which any book with tiny references to communism is banned. The inspiration comes from a banned publication that was transformed into an unrecognized book by erasing it and splitting it into fragments to reimagine the process of destroying an image.