Artist Book, Sound Art, Installation

6 Artwork and 1 Folder, 1000 Editions
Offset Printing silver, Emboss and Die-Cut
Artwork 150×205 mm eac
Installation 4630×2960 mm

Showcasing at the moment at
Sounds Like Print, 28.04–26.11.2023
Tai Kwun Contemporary (HK)

This work employs an exploratory, open-ended approach, it uses 6 sound clips from water-centric locations in Hong Kong as creative references. By observing different characters of the sound, such as its speed, duration, loudness, distance and rhythm, the work translates some familiar auditory experiences into unconventional visual and tactile representation.
    By doing so, it aims to explore how sound can be accessed through different sensory experiences, and whether communities with varied understandings of sound and listening, can access these experiences.
    The work attempts to create more equal ground among three communities: the visually-impaired, the hearing impaired, and everyone else in communities which are dependent upon different levels of sensory ability, respectively.